Our quick service team is equipped and trained to service and repair any HVAC system. We give you fast and reliable air conditioning repair and maintenance services so your family can sleep well tonight.


Get the help of trained HVAC professionals who can quickly fix any problem you´re having with your AC unit. Our trained and certified experts possess the knowledge and industry-grade tools, making them the most prepared to solve and fix any problem you might be facing.

You don’t deserve an uncomfortable night because your AC unit stopped working. Call the Dr. AirCon the air conditioning repair experts in your area, and rest assured that you will sleep comfortably and chill tonight.

Do You Need A AIR CONDITIONER Repair Expert?

Sometimes users can´t tell when their air conditioning is having problems keeping up with the desired temperature.

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However, there are a few tell tale signs you can be on
the lookout for if you suspect your AC might not
be doing its job

  • Your Air Is Not Cool EnoughYou crank down your thermostat, but you don’t sense a noticeable change in the air that comes out your vents. It is very possible that your unit is running low on refrigerant, or your compressor unit is starting to fail.

  • Your Airflow Is WeakThe temperature is cool, but you sense the air coming out of your vent is not enough to keep your room cool. Get an expert to check your fan motor and look for loose belts or clogged blades.

  • Constant CyclesAC units need to start their cycles frequently to keep your room at the desired temperature. However, if you notice that the cycles are getting shorter, you need to call Dr. AirCon expert technicians to check for refrigerant leaks or defective thermostat readings. Short cycling can eventually damage your unit and require costly repairs in the long run. If you feel your AC presents any of these symptoms, or it straight up stops working, do not hesitate to call Dr. AirCon for a fast and effective air conditioning repair service.