Keeping your home warm while staying energy efficient is not hard. Consult our HVAC experts and we will help you find the right unit for your home and have it installed in no time Dr. AirCon experts are the first choice in your area.


Here at Dr. AirCon we acknowledge how important heating systems are for your home. You should count on heaters that work reliably and efficiently that guarantee a cozy and warm environment that all your family will enjoy.

This is why you need expert technicians that can commit to installing a safe and adequate heating system. Our team can guide you through the whole heater installation process; from measuring the size of the room in which you decide to install the heater, to making sure your ductwork system is appropriately sealed for maximum efficiency.

But Why Choose Us?

Dr. AirCon always starts every project with a thorough evaluation of your budget, and all important qualities of your home that may affect or change the course of the installation. You can be certain that our installation process won’t take long, and that you’ll be provided with the right solution for your home. You deserve the best heater installation from the best team you can entrust your home with. With our help, you can feel confident you will choose the right unit for your specific needs and that will keep your family warm for years to come.


Now, after your heater is correctly installed,
we will also take care of your ductwork

  • A heater without a properly installed and conditioned ductwork won´t do any helpWe provide a complete service that includes ductwork installation, inspection and conditioning to enhance your indoor air quality and improve energy efficiency. Let us do the tough work and install pathways and ventilation systems that will tirelessly deliver warm or cool air into your home. Our experts perform every task with the best tools available, and the most positive attitude for a friendly and respectful service.

  • Call Dr. AirCon today and set your home temperature in a warm or chill environment whenever you likeYou can trust our great prices and professional team to be ready to stop by anytime you need our services.